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قالب:Navbox with columns

من ويكيبيديا، الموسوعه الحره
اذهب إلى التنقل اذهب إلى البحث
توثيق القالب[عرض] [عدل] [تاريخ] [مسح الكاش] [استخدامات]



{{Navbox with columns
| name = East Asia Summit (EAS)
| title = [[East Asia Summit|East Asia Summit (EAS)]]
| listclass = plainlist
| width = 18.25em
| padding = 10em
| aboveclass = hlist
| abovestyle = font-weight: bold;

| above =
* [[First East Asia Summit|First]]
* [[Second East Asia Summit|Second]]
* [[Third East Asia Summit|Third]]
* [[Fourth East Asia Summit|Fourth]]
* [[Fifth East Asia Summit|Fifth]]
* [[Sixth East Asia Summit|Sixth]]
* [[Seventh East Asia Summit|Seventh]]

| col1 =
* {{AUS}}
* {{BRU}}
* {{BIR}}

| col2 =
* {{CAM}}
* {{CHN}}
* {{IND}}

| col3 =
* {{IDN}}
* {{JPN}}
* {{LAO}}

| col4 =
* {{MAS}}
* {{NZL}}
* {{PHL}}

| col5 =
* {{RUS}}
* {{SIN}}
* {{KOR}}

| col6width = 17em
| col6 =
* {{THA}}
* {{USA}}
* {{VIE}}


مع تحديد العرض

{{Navbox with columns
| name = Transit visibility table
| titlestyle = background:silver;
| title = [[عبور فلكي]] visibility from [[inferior and superior planets|planets superior]] to the transiting body
| listclass = plainlist
| colwidth = 14.2857%
| colstyle = text-align:center;

| col1header = Venus
| col1 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury from Venus|Mercury]]

| col2header = Earth
| col2 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury|Mercury]]
* [[عبور الزهرة]]

| col3header = Mars
| col3 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury from Mars|Mercury]]
* [[Transit of Venus from Mars|Venus]]
* [[Transit of Earth from Mars|Earth]]

| col4header = Jupiter
| col4 =
* [[Transit of Mercury from Jupiter|Mercury]]
* [[Transit of Venus from Jupiter|Venus]]
* [[Transit of Earth from Jupiter|Earth]]
* [[Transit of Mars from Jupiter|Mars]]

| col5header = Saturn
| col5 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury from Saturn|Mercury]]
* [[Transit of Venus from Saturn|Venus]]
* [[Transit of Earth from Saturn|Earth]]
* [[Transit of Mars from Saturn|Mars]]
* [[Transit of Jupiter from outer planets|Jupiter]]

| col6header = Uranus
| col6 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury from Uranus|Mercury]]
* [[Transit of Venus from Uranus|Venus]]
* [[Transit of Earth from Uranus|Earth]]
* [[Transit of Mars from Uranus|Mars]]
* [[Transit of Jupiter from outer planets|Jupiter]]
* [[Transit of Saturn from outer planets|Saturn]]

| col7header = Neptune
| col7 = 
* [[Transit of Mercury from Neptune|Mercury]]
* [[Transit of Venus from Neptune|Venus]]
* [[Transit of Earth from Neptune|Earth]]
* [[Transit of Mars from Neptune|Mars]]
* [[Transit of Jupiter from outer planets|Jupiter]]
* [[Transit of Saturn from outer planets|Saturn]]
* [[Transit of Uranus from Neptune|Uranus]]


Example with colnheader and colnfooter

The gray background for the columns is added for illustration only.

Example with colnheader using colnheadercolspan

The gray background for the columns is added for illustration only. This example shows the colnheadercolspan parameter being used, but you may also use colnfootercolspan to adjust the span of the footer cells.

Example to illustrate most fields

The gray background and centered text for the columns is for illustration only. The columns default to an off-white background and left text alignment. This example shows how you can use up to six additional groups/lists after the columns.

Using child navboxes

All three types of navbox templates, namely {{Navbox}}, {{Navbox with columns}}, and {{Navbox with collapsible groups}}, can be nested inside of one another using the border parameter (which is common to all three). For complex templates, it may be necessary to use nesting to achieve a desired look.

Nesting Navbox with columns in itself

This example shows how one can nest multiple {{Navbox with columns}} templates to get the right look. Edit this page to see the code. There is a main {{Navbox with columns}} and two additional {{Navbox with columns}} templates, with the "child" option set (see code).

Nesting other Navbox forms

This example shows {{Navbox}}, {{Navbox with collapsible groups}} and {{Navbox with columns}} all working together. Edit this page to see the code. Note that each of the child navboxes has the first parameter set to child.