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قالب:Infobox settlement/areadisp

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This subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}} displays area values for a line in the main infobox.


{{infobox settlement/areadisp|unit_pref|AREAsqmi|AREAkm2|area_magnitude|LINK|subdivision_name}}

where AREAsqmi and AREAkm2 are the area values to be displayed (one may be blank for automatic conversion if the other is numeric), LINK is set if the units are to be wikilinked, and the other parameters are taken from {{Infobox settlement}}.

Whether the metric or imperial value is displayed first depends on the value of subdivision_name (usually the country name) and unit_pref (which can be set to Imperial to force imperial-first display). The default for non-US non-UK countries is metric first.

Code Result
{{infobox settlement/areadisp|Imperial|42| | |lk|Canada}} Formatting error: invalid input when rounding km2 (غلط تعبيري:علامة الترقيم "{" مش متعرف عليها acres)

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